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Category: Cheating & Infidelity

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Should i be worried

A guy im recently seeing accepted a wedding invite from a single female friend he has never mentioned before, should i be worried?

Should I leave him?

relationship has turned toxic but I cannot let go

Friends with benefits turns sticky

How do I break up with someone I never even dated to begin with?

A cheating girlfriend

would like some advice from anyone. What would you do in my situation.

I saw something I wasn’t meant to see!!! Help!

I am a 36 year old female.  Divorced 1.5 years, in a relationship with boyfriend for 1 year. He has been divorced 5 years. I have 1 13 year old boy, he has 1 6 yo boy and 1 8 yo boy. We moved in together  5 months ago.  He has an old phone which…
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girlfriend is jealous of a certain girl.

so my girlfriend is obsessed about this one girl in particular, she’s a bit social and she’s really friendly with guys. she’s not very attractive but my girlfriend is fully convinced that i like this girl, even though i did absolutely my best to be as cold as i can be with her. i don’t…
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Relationship issues

Relationship issues

Relationship issues

Relationship issues

Guilty about a mistake

A mistake made once. Advice on what to do.

Naive wife?

Is hubby faithful?