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Category: Cheating & Infidelity

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Struggling with monogamy

Will I just be full of regret forever no matter what I do, or is there some kind of mystery solution I can’t seem to see…


My girlfriend of over a year has in the past two months not really wanted to hang out as much and we talked it over and came to an agreement that we still want each other. We dont hang out much because she’s with friends or just laying at home (her parents house) saying she’s…
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Am I making a mistake?

Last year I got out of a 7 year relationship but I’ve had poor boundaries and he — let’s call him D — continues to pursue me. To describe our relationship, it consisted of so many fights, affairs (mostly on my part, tbh), and it became so toxic. We had great memories and awesome inside…
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Lying and cheating

I did a drug with some friends of mine, (coke.) Yes, I must agree with my wife, this is bad. We both smoke pot but the fact that I didn’t tell her about the other drug is something I have been shamed for for a long time. Hiding it from her was bad, I agree…
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So Saturday night me and my bf went to a friend’s house and he drank quite a bit. When we got home he knocked out and I went to put his phone on the charger when I saw a Facebook message from a girl that said “baby?” Naturally I freaked and read his messages and…
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Dating App

Found a dating app on my girl’s phone we’ve been together for a year should I dump her? She just downloaded it last week.

I’m that dumb girl aren’t I

I met my bf 3 years ago online playing a game. Friends first, then talked for months. Problem is we were both married. I told my husband a month after I met him in person and was divorced a year later. BF left his wife and now lives with family but is still not divorced…
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At a Loss

I fell in love with my buddy’s girlfriend and she with me. She wants to go poly, my buddy knows but is hesitant. He won’t provide clear direction on what he wants me to do and her advances are becoming more and more difficult to refuse. I have no idea what I’m doing.

I want it all back, even if it was my fault I lost it…

My wife and I used to role play both story and intimate wise. It was a favorite past time we would do since we don’t feel we have interesting enough lives to just “talk”. I work a job she doesn’t care about less it affects me emotionally, and she’s slightly mentally handicapped with weak joint…
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Conflicted and confused

Okay so. This girl ive been friends with for a little bit now and who ive helped through all of her relationship problems asked me to be her girlfriend today. I feel like i like her but for some reason i wanted to say no to the relationship. But i said yes because i was…
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