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Category: Cheating & Infidelity

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Cheating husband

I need advice from a guy. My husband has a “friend” who he was in a relationship with about 15 years ago. It didn’t work out between them and he and I got together 9 years ago (been married for two). I have previously found that they have been texting one another and expressed my…
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need advice

hi, I have a situation with my girlfriend, she caught a chlamydia and she accused me off being unfaithful, yet I want and did the medical exam and was found out that I am clean. She have 3 kids that I love like my own and she clearly cuss me and use heavy word on…
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Wife’s FB Secret Conversations are turned on.

She has Secret Conversations turned on in her Facebook Messenger app on Android. It’s active on both devices she travels with, a tablet and phone, but inactive on her laptop that stays home. From what I gather Secret Conversations must be enabled as they’re disabled by default. Is it possible that Secret Conversations was turned…
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My married professor has been hitting on me

This dude has been hitting on me and even claimed to have feelings for me, only to go after the next blonde girl after some time. I didn’t let anything physical happen between us (I was too shy for that and the situation was too unclear and mind you, I’ve never had a boyfriend before)…
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Fiancés secret porn phone

Fiancés secret porn phone

Should i be worried

A guy im recently seeing accepted a wedding invite from a single female friend he has never mentioned before, should i be worried?

Should I leave him?

relationship has turned toxic but I cannot let go

Friends with benefits turns sticky

How do I break up with someone I never even dated to begin with?

A cheating girlfriend

would like some advice from anyone. What would you do in my situation.