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Category: Cheating & Infidelity

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Cliché story of meeting someone else…

In a 10 year relationship. Been depressed for a while. Falling for someone else. Even more depressed about it. Not sure what to do.

My wife might be cheating

Wife got drunk and stayed overnight at a hotel – I find out through some random guy.

Should We Break Up?

My boyfriend doesn’t treat me right. I’ve been wanting to break up with him, but how can I do it without hurting him?

Relationship advice

I am a senior in high school and I’ve been dating the same guy for 3 years now. (On & off). He’s the one too always cheat on me, break up with me, compete with me, make me sad, & I try my best too keep us together & I do everything in my power…
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I want to talk to her but is it the right choice?

A girl I liked picked another guy knowing it would hurt me but she still wants to talk saucy and flirty. I want to as well but it will make me feel bad. Should I?

Is she lying to me? Guys/Girls?

My girlfriend deleted her snapchat from her Galaxy S10 around 3 months ago. The camera roll on her Android which seems to save “snapchat” specific photos only was in date order and old. However, given some of her behaviour, I went into her phone (bad, I know) and found a picture of her all dolled…
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Depressed and heart broken

The love of my life believes that I’ve cheated on him, it is has gotten to the point whereby he casually verbally abuses me, name calling such as “trash”, “hoe”, “dirt bag”, “whore” and bitch I am mentally and emotionally drained from all of this, I dont know what to do, what do I do…
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Need advice

Could really use someone to talk to. I’m involved in a situation I can’t tell anyone about (nothing illegal or critical just heart breaking) and need to get it out.

Still Lacking Self-Confidence 3 years after girlfriend’s infidelity

Girlfriend cheated, the guy is still around friend group, I have no self confidence and I am still angry after 2 years.

Some advice?

hi, I have a situation with my girlfriend, she caught a chlamydia and she accused me off being unfaithful, yet I want and did the medical exam and was found out that I am clean. She have 3 kids that I love like my own and she clearly cuss me and use heavy word on…
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