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Category: Being Single

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Fate or Delusion?

Girl meets guy. Girl and guy talk. Girl doesn’t want relationship. Guy doesn’t know what he wants. Girl now likes guy. Girl is scared and confused.


I like a guy but I don’t know if he likes me, his actions are unclear to me.

Crush advice

I have had this girl that I have like for a while now and I want to ask her out, but I’m not sure if she like me because she does act nice around me but she is very extroverted and does that with every one. How do I find out if she likes me.

Possibly losing a friend

Me and someone I’ve been friends with for a while had sex for the first time, and now we barely talk and it seems like she doesn’t want to hang out or talk anymore. She’s a lot more sexually promiscuous than I am, and I never cared if our relationship went sexual or not. But…
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Not another one

Should I confess my feelings or stick with the friend zone?

Have not been on a date in years

I am 31 and alone. I learned the other day most of my co-workers assumed I was married. I have a very prestigious job, I own my own home, am very fit, attractive and am by no means averse to meeting new people. Yet I have not been on a single date in about 3…
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Telling your crush

Technically, we were in relationship during high school days  but for few days. Then we haven’t talked for say 3 years . So how can i say her or start the talk. And i fear if she is in relationship.

Mixed signals

FWB turning into something or not?! Mixed signals

I like a guy, but I’m way too nervous to do anything about it.

How do I overcome my anxiety to talk to the guy that I like and what do I even say?

My anxiety shuts me down

Alright so should I even try for a relationship or just give up? My head says forget about it you’re not cut out for all this but my heart says go for it ya chump.