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I have a crush on my best friends crush

So my friend (F13) has a crush on this guy (M17) and she told me (F14) and for a while i would tease her about it and we would gossip about it and then he started paying attention to me and I found out he had a crush on ME not her and when that…
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Im having trouble with a guy

So I am kind of into this guy right now, I think he might know but I’m not sure. We have been talking and its been going well. He has said I have a nice body and that I’m hot. But he’s one of those guys that kind of flirts with everyone so I don’t…
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Should I ask him out or just let things take their course?

I have a crush on a guy, but I’m afraid to ask him out in case I make things awkward between us even though it looks like he likes me back.


If a girl says your getting on her nerves and you trying to be friends with her first because you like her and want to be boyfriend and girlfriend wat do I do

No previous relationship, am I ready for marriage?

Should I try to start casually dating, or should I focus on finding “the one”?

Is it a good idea to get back with an ex?

If you date someone for two weeks, break up, and they ask you out again, should you say yes?

i need help

ok so i like this guy at school and my friends locker is right by his and i go by it everyday and wait for her and he always calls me this nickname how do i get him to like me??? and i sometimes text him but yeah

Irritation, friend or crush?

Okay, so there’s this girl I’ve known for two and a half years now. We’ve known each other since we started high school and have always been ‘friends’. We both live far away from school but close to each other. We’ve been cycling to school and back since we found out that we lived so…
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I’m 17 and so is she. I confused and don’t know what to do.

So it all started at the end of last school year on a school trip. I had been friends with this girl for a while and we got on well but we didn’t talk too much. It was the last night and we were both drunk and we ended up sleeping together. Now when I…
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