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Category: Being Single

Anonymous Relationship Advice

FWB gone wrong

A little over a week ago I hooked up with an  acquaintance I’ve known for about 14 years. I’m staying with his best friend and his wife while my apartment is prepared in another city. We didn’t really talk about it until it happened again. I told him I didn’t want a relationship because of…
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What should I do with my crush

I have a crush on one of my friends and I’m lost about what to do about it.

What should I do with my crush

I have a crush on one of my friends and I’m lost about what to do about it.


Few weeks ago, I saw a very beautiful nurse at the hospital emergency. I went there for a friend who was in an accident. I could not help but stare at her, but I am sure she did not notice. The image of this lady stays with me and I have very strong thoughts about…
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Toxic crush or not?

Toxic or not?

catch and release only

I can get sex, but not relationships

In love with (best) friend

I have been in love with a really close friend for years and know for a fact that they don’t like me that way (because they’re straight). I still kind of want to tell them but i’m afraid it will ruin things between us. What should I do?

Does it mean anything when your crushe’s friend start being more nicer to you?

I’ve like this guy for the longest time and the last time i saw him he told me he had a girlfriend and him and his friends were so rude towards me. he disappeared for like a month and recently started showing up again and i feel like he’s showing interested but i’m not sure,…
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Is it morally wrong for me to date?

Is it wrong to date someone with psychological issues if you don’t think it’l last

Have I wasted 7 years of my life?

A man I was in a seven year relationship with has left me for another person because our long distance relationship wasn’t working for either of us. I’m convinced this was, and still is, the man I will spend the rest of my life with. We keep in touch and talk as if he doesn’t have someone he’s in a relationship with and he doesn’t like talking about them because it’s not like how we use to be. In a little less than 2 years I will be going back to the place I use to live, which is where he is. If he were to ask me to be with him again should I even consider it or should I let myself go back to the way I was before him? I was a hazard to myself before him and am slowly reverting back. Professional help doesn’t work and he has been the only thing to help if even just a little.