Broken family

My wife left 22 days ago after 10 years of marriage she wants a divorce  she said she don’t love me anymore and don’t want to be with me  our two kids have been praying for her to come home and have our family back together I have also been praying for the same and for her love again what can I do

One thought on “Broken family

  1. Oh darling, I am so sorry for you.

    Now, stop praying and take some action!

    ASK this woman WHY she stopped loving you- have you been ignoring her needs? Do you help around the house? When was the last time you told her she was the most beautiful woman you have ever seen? Do you bring home flowers occasionally when she least expects it? Do you help put the kids to bed? Have you taken her out for an amazing dinner and a hotel for hottt sexxx in the last year? If the answers to these questions is “well, no…” then that is why. She feels unloved, unappreciated and BORED.

    If the answer is “YES!” (To at least 3 of those questions….we’ll….y’all may have just grown apart and she really has just “fallen out of love”

    She MAY have Met someone.

    Basically, what I suggest is go to couples therapy (take it upon yourself to find a counselor and make the appointment)

    I am a female divorced 1 year ago.
    I left for the 1st reason. If my now ex-husband has actually tried (going to therapy, admitting he treated me wrong, CHANGING his behavior) I would have stayed. It felt like he stopped caring about me years ago and his behavior after the separation confirmed that. Then he acted all sad like it was happening TO HIM. He was the cause and never admitted it.
    I wish you the best.

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