Broke up with boyfriend

Hi, i broke up with my bf just a few days ago. He was an amazing guy and loved me for all that i was. When we first met i never thought i would fall in love because he was not my type on the outside but the more he pursued me the more i saw the true him and my love grew for him day by day. However i never could quitw shake the feeling of uncertanty. 2 years weve been together and i still felt as if i waa confused about my feeling. I just never felt that he was my dream guy and never considered too much of a future with him because i knew deep down i saw no future. I ultimately broke up with him because he started seeing a serious future with him and i knew i had to stop wasting his time even tough i was very comfortable in the relationahip. Its only been a few days since we broke up and i miss him like crazy, dis i do the right thing?

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