Breaking Up

I have a boyfriend and we’ve been dating 2 years this February. Even though we are only 20 we are very much into each other and we have told each other on multiple occasions that we indeed want to marry each other. I love him so much and he is so kind to me but there’s a piece of me that wants to breakup with him. Here’s the reasons why and I guess I’m just asking people on the outside if this stuff seems like a big enough deal to breakup with him. I tend to overreact and I am 100% too emotional for my own good about anything nonetheless my relationship. So 1. He’s a very angry person. He’s never angry with me but at other people ya know. He hates people (his words) and gets bad road rage if he isn’t having a good day and he just gets unnecessarily mad at random people. I on the other hand try to love everyone until they give me a reason not to. This hurts because I just want to scream “THEY ARENT DOING ANYTHING WRONG!” but that would start a fight and we like to avoid our fights. 2. We avoid our fights, whenever I get pissed at him or he gets pissed at me we always play the silent game. We won’t say a word until someone apologizes and usually that person is me even if I know I’m not in the wrong. And like I’ll say one little thing about the fact that I hate how the first words to him mind that mean stupid he (luckily stops himself) but his first reaction would be to say the r-word or use the word gay and both he knows I take to heart when people use it like that. Like I said he stops himself and he has never full completed the word but idk I just don’t like how those words are his first reaction and when I call him out on it he just gives me his half assed, half mad apology that just makes me feel not listened to. 3. He says offensive jokes, like I said I am a love everyone type of person. I’m trying to be more positive and have positive people in my life but I get torn down every time I hear a racist or sexist joke come from his mouth (never his own made up jokes if that makes things better…) And of course all my brothers and guy friends think it’s funny because that’s comedy now but he knows that it hurts me yet he still does it and he has said to me that he is not going to stop and it just brings my mood way down. He makes me the happiest girl alive when both of us are happy but once the other isn’t having a good day it all goes to shit and I just get really sad. I love him but I’m starting to think he just isn’t right for me. I’ve tried to break up with him once but we made plans on how both of us were gonna change and so far nothing has happened and it’s just really disheartening

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