Boyfriend won’t keep in touch when he’s out.

I don’t hound my boyfriend when he’s out with his friends. I’m not much of a party animal and he goes out frequently without me. I don’t mind. My only problem is I expect a message when he gets home. I don’t judge what time he gets home or anything. It’d just be nice to receive one message during his evening or when he’s reached home. How hard can it be? We’ve spoken about this and he says he will, but he avoids me like the plague when he’s out. Says his phone died (even though the message has been delivered), he reads it other times, but doesn’t reply, and other excuses. I just don’t get it. On other days, he calls me twice a day, messages me throughout and is very loving. He’s had two motor accidents being out late and I just worry if he’s home safe. How do I read into this behavior? Should I just turn a blind eye and let it go?

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