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Anonymous Relationship Advice

Have i done right thing?

I want to know if i did right or wrong

I have a problem…

My boyfriend won’t speak to me and I’m considering ending the relationship. Should I?

My husband wants another wife, but I can’t live with that

I’ll try to keep this brief. I don’t want to bore anyone. Basically 5 months ago I met my now-husband while being in a North African country. So he’s Muslim and I was Christian. Despite this difference we began to love each other, as he told me he had broken up with his ex girlfriend.…
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Does it matter?

Don’t know what it means

One boy stares me continuously from last one year. I was not sure about this before this but few days back his friend abused him and I was sitting there. I don’t know what talks went on between them his friend started giving me clarification for it. He started telling me it’s normal , nothing…
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Fix and Fight or Move on?

GF of 2ish years. Live with her, becoming unhappy. Met someone else, strictly platonic.

Why do my Girlfriend’s Tattoos bother me?

I just wish I would’ve been able to see her without any ink on her skin at least once.

Am I a sociopath or are they crazy?

is my SO asking for too much

Hi I need some advice on a kinda sticky situation

Her and I have been friends for a really long time, and in truth I don’t really care who or how many people she sleeps with, but with this guy it’s complicated.

Just need advice from someone that isn’t biased.

So, let’s say you grew up with this guy. We’ll call him Jessie. So you and Jessie grew up together. His mom grew up with your mom. And he lived next door to you your whole life. One day, when you’re 15, you guys decide to give it a go romantically. But right before you…
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