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Anonymous Relationship Advice

My wife is a total prude.

My wife was a virgin when we married, so obviously her sexual IQ is not very high. But i think one reason she was a virgin is because she is a total prude. When we have sex (which might be once a month), it is the same thing over and over again. Everytime I try…
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New relationship, ex still in her life

Ex still involved and she still there for him

I Don’t Understand What’s Happening

I went through my day as I usually do. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. And then she walked in. The moment my eyes met hers it felt like the entire world hushed, and it was just her and I. I felt drawn to her. We had a short conversation, but that was enough for…
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Need advice

Okay so there’s a guy who really likes me but I don’t like him back because I’ve never seen him that way.  We’ve been best friends. Probably why I don’t like him back. But some of my friends think I should give him a chance.  I worrry if after trying for a while and I…
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Married but still think a lot about ex

Married but still think about ex

Crush on Japanese girls: is my mindset wrong?

I have a facination with Japan, and developped an attraction to Japanese girls in particular. Is it realistic/reasonable or are these unhealthy toughts that I should get rid of?

My crush is driving me crazy

I need crush advice help

How to convince someone they may be wrong

Someone i know is hearing and feeling sensations that they think i should be feeling but i am not. A friend called me up – he recently moved – and he tells me that i have to come by right away. The neighbors are really loud and they are making the floor shake at all…
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Is my girlfriend cheating?

Is it wrong of me to get annoyed and sad at my girlfriend if she starts making out with her friends (who are girls) at parties? If I tell her it bothers me then her and her friends get annoyed at me and say it’s no big deal but she is going away with one…
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Arguing After Kids (Twins)

My husband and I have twins that are 8 months old. They are our only children and we’re still figuring out each new step. Lately I feel like I’m very short with him and I haven’t been able to reel it in. Today after work I picked them up at daycare and came home. I…
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