Anonymous Relationship Advice

Im having trouble with a guy

So I am kind of into this guy right now, I think he might know but I’m not sure. We have been talking and its been going well. He has said I have a nice body and that I’m hot. But he’s one of those guys that kind of flirts with everyone so I don’t…
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Dating App

Found a dating app on my girl’s phone we’ve been together for a year should I dump her? She just downloaded it last week.

I’m that dumb girl aren’t I

I met my bf 3 years ago online playing a game. Friends first, then talked for months. Problem is we were both married. I told my husband a month after I met him in person and was divorced a year later. BF left his wife and now lives with family but is still not divorced…
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Should I ask him out or just let things take their course?

I have a crush on a guy, but I’m afraid to ask him out in case I make things awkward between us even though it looks like he likes me back.

This is long, but please read ALL of it, and give a thorough response. Every detail is important.

He hurt me, and won’t apologize, but I miss him. What do I do?

Love & Chances

Falling for a guy who doesn’t go down, and yes I’ve told him it bothers me. should I leave and find love somewhere else?


If a girl says your getting on her nerves and you trying to be friends with her first because you like her and want to be boyfriend and girlfriend wat do I do

No previous relationship, am I ready for marriage?

Should I try to start casually dating, or should I focus on finding “the one”?


I was in relationship with a man. After a year I got to know he is married and a daughter. I told his wife, she suggested when these things happen with a consent. Now I am a green not sad… Thinking to reveal his Identity and character to his office Hr. But I am confused.…
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Is it a good idea to get back with an ex?

If you date someone for two weeks, break up, and they ask you out again, should you say yes?