BF was over the top

Hi. Today there was an incident with my son and Bf in feont of my family whom we are down to viait for a few days. My Bf is an avid football supporter and my family support the rival team but they are not really into football they just have a few jerseys etc. My sister found and old Jersey and put it on our 3 yr old saying how cute she looks and that she should keep it. My bf jumped up and said no way get that sgit off her. Everyone thought he was joking around but he pulled it off our daughter and ahe was left in tears. During this my 15yr old son said ah thats not nice and went to put the Jersey back on her. My Bf got angry and jumped in so that my son couldnt reach our daughter. He pushed my son back and told him to fuck and off shes not wearing that. My son said not to push him as did all of us who told him to cop on and calm down. My aon proceeded to try again and he pushed him again. I had to jump in the middle of them and pick up my crying daughter with my whole family livid at how my bf acted over a Jersey and puahingmy son. Hes never done anything like this before but he does always try to have control in situations. I was in a very abusive relationship with my sons father and this was such a red flag. He has insisted that it was no big deal and it wasnt agressive but we were all ther and seen it. He wouldn’t do that to an adult male because hedbget knocked out. Im confused about what to do i feel like i should tell him to leave i cant believe his behavior and wht he felt it okay to put his hands on my son. It was a proper angry push. He is the only person thiking it wasnt that bad. My son said its fine but that it was agressive. I had words with bf and he has to apologize and we are cutting our stat short to go home because of the atmosphere now is a bit much. What are your views on this i dont know what to do.

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