Betraying a Friend

Hi so I started dating someone in my friend group but one of my close friends has an intense crush on the guy im dating for a long time. I feel like I’m betraying her even though the guy has rejected her on multiple occasions. I knew about her crush and used to be her wingwoman to help them get together, however, the tables turned and now I’m dating him. We have been keeping our relationship low key but recently she found out about it, and seems pretty mad. How should I deal with this? How much in the wrong am I?

One thought on “Betraying a Friend

  1. You are VERY in the wrong. Your best friend should be who you trust the most in the world with your heart and you broke hers. You should have gone to her when the flirting began and asked for her blessing cos whether she gave it or not that would be the non coward thing to do. You saved your own ass and I wouldn’t be surprised if she never wants to hear from either of you again. You wanna save it? Really? BEG beg like you never begged before and when you’re done….SHOW it with ACTIONS

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