Bad Sex Life

Man, idk what the hell has happened but my sex life has gone to none. I don’t mean to sound like my wife must have sex with me when and where I want it, but I imagine desiring a healthy sex life with your wife is completely normal.

We have sex rarely, and when we do she treats it like its the most god awful chore imaginable. I try to do everything to be a good husband and tend to her needs. I was working in corporate business and quit so I could be home more with my family. I cook and clean almost exclusively and try my best to tend to the kids. Although we are probably a 60-40 split on that. Really, it’s more than just sex. She has no desire for any physical intimacy. Just wants to be on Facebook all day, or partying with friends.

I recommended maybe we should go to a couples counseling but framed it as I wasn’t meeting her needs, because obviously that has to be what’s going on. She isn’t fulfilled so doesn’t feel connected. And she lost it on me.

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