Arguing After Kids (Twins)

My husband and I have twins that are 8 months old. They are our only children and we’re still figuring out each new step. Lately I feel like I’m very short with him and I haven’t been able to reel it in. Today after work I picked them up at daycare and came home. I lay on the ground and play with them, keep them busy. It got me frustrated when my husband was sitting on the couch for 20-30 minutes with his face in his IPhone. He kept saying he was going to wash the daycare bottles while I kept the boys busy but a half hour went by and he hadn’t so I offered. He told me no, just stay with the boys and finally went in. One of the boys was a little fussy/clingy today so I couldn’t really put him down without having a fit (he’s teething).  Our other son eventually got bored with what he was doing and started to cry. Meanwhile I’m changing a poop diaper, trying to keep the other calm and my husband was in the other room doing the bottles. Am I a bitch that I eventually got overwhelmed and told him that if he hadn’t been on his phone for a half hour that the bottles might have been done and then we could have tag-teamed the boys so to speak? It is so much easier when we’re both hands on deck with the boys and sometimes after work that’s all I want and I don’t get it. It’s me and both of them, usually with one or both gradually getting crabby as bed time approaches. I have been the one to do the bottles before and if I hear a meltdown in the other room I stop that and go tend to the boys. I feel like my husband just doesn’t get that at all. There are little things that keep putting this wedge between us. I don’t know if I’m justified in how I’m feeling or if I’m being a bitch…

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