Anxiety when receiving boyfriend’s long and overly excited texts…

Started dating this guy a few months ago and while he was really sweet he has this habit of sending these extremely long and extremely excited texts every single day. I thought this was cute when we started dating and a month ago we had our first kiss as a couple. Since then his texts have somehow gotten worse and seeing the notification pop up on my phone when he sends one now makes me feel anxious. His texts don’t necessarily say anything bad but seeing them get longer and more excited even when I don’t reply has me worried about I just got myself into. I haven’t been able to have a single regular text conversation with him and whatever surface level message I do send results in him getting so excited he sends a massive text just complimenting me. While the compliments are nice, after receiving them for months and not being able to just have a normal text conversation it feels disingenuous and makes me think he has this unrealistic idea of who I am stuck in his head. This problem has even started to become an issue when we meet up for a date as he will actually stop the regular conversations we have just to ask to compliment me. Nice at first, but now we can barely hold a conversation before he goes off again. His excitement has even gotten to a point where he is physically shaking whenever he is near me which is worrying. Something I should mention is that he does have ADHD and takes medication to regulate it which isn’t an issue for me normally but I have other friends who have been diagnosed with ADHD and take medication and even for them they think this is pretty extreme.

Any advice? Also, thank you for reading the massive chunk of text.

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