My fiance and I have been together for 5 years. I have never shown him distrust nor have I ever not trusted him. But here recently I have gotten a little aggravated. It started a month or so ago when he told me he bought a girl a drink because she didn’t have money. Sure, that’s fine. I’m glad he was kind and got her a drink. Well today he told me he gave her his debit card to go get something to drink.
I Got a little aggravated. I asked him why she didn’t ask someone else for money to get a drink. He said she didn’t ask him for money he just figured he would get her a drink.
I told him I was uncomfortable with him getting her a drink and the fact he just gave her his debit card randomly.
He blew UP. He told me that I didn’t trust him and he was just overall hateful. He retreated to the bedroom and didn’t talk to me all evening until he went to sleep.
Am I wrong for getting aggravated?