Am I wrong?

My fiance and I have been together for 5 years. I have never shown him distrust nor have I ever not trusted him. But here recently I have gotten a little aggravated. It started a month or so ago when he told me he bought a girl a drink because she didn’t have money. Sure, that’s fine. I’m glad he was kind and got her a drink. Well today he told me he gave her his debit card to go get something to drink.
I Got a little aggravated. I asked him why she didn’t ask someone else for money to get a drink. He said she didn’t ask him for money he just figured he would get her a drink.
I told him I was uncomfortable with him getting her a drink and the fact he just gave her his debit card randomly.
He blew UP. He told me that I didn’t trust him and he was just overall hateful. He retreated to the bedroom and didn’t talk to me all evening until he went to sleep.
Am I wrong for getting aggravated?

One thought on “Am I wrong?

  1. you’re not wrong, he did some things right, but also some things VERY wrong. first of all, you should look on the bright side, he told you about it, he was honest when he could’ve just hidden the whole thing.
    but then you find out she used his debit card, which is not only extremely stupid of him to give a stranger his debit card, but the fact that he also hid this means he felt some guilt about it or else he would’ve told you everything from the start.
    there could be many reasons why a man would do this, maybe he felt insecure, maybe he feels like he’s not getting the validation he needs in his life, maybe some part of him wanted to flirt with her, and don’t blame him for that it’s in everybody’s nature.
    you should tell him how you felt and ask him about how he felt, you should explain to him why what he did is bothering you. He gave that girl the wrong idea by buying her a drink, ask him how he’d feel if a guy went up to you and bought you a drink and you used his debit card, how would he feel then?
    remember the key to any good relationship is to always put yourselves in each other’s shoes and view things from his perspective and vice-versa.

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