Am I selfish for wanting to be alone with my gf

My gf just returned from her holidays yesterday and I was eager to see her after so long. However she cancelled which is understandable since she arrived at 2am and we decided to reschedule for today.

But her girlfriends are going out and she wants to go with them. She told me to come with them but honestly I want to be alone with her. I told her we can meet up for a few hours before and then she can go out with her friends since I really don’t want to go out.

But now I feel like shit because honestly I’d rather spend all night with her but that makes me feel selfish.

One thought on “Am I selfish for wanting to be alone with my gf

  1. No she’s selfish you’re not selfish there’s other women that would love to spend all day with their significant other don’t let that get you down just brush it off it’s more fish in the sea, she should’ve canceled her friends are not that important neither is going to the club

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