Am I overthinking

I have been in a long distance relationship with girlfriend for 2years (I’m 22 and she is 18). And the last month’s she has been adding random boys on Snapchat (that send here friend requests) and she has been using apps to find friends. (That are boys) she has no really had any friends. Sins she moved to a new country. And that I get, I know how hard it is to get friends when you move some where new. Let alone a new country, but what really confuses me and make me insecure is that I don’t feel like she is making it obvious to the boys she is talking to that she has a boyfriend. And I get the feeling that she likes the way they treat here when they don’t know. I have asked here about this, and she just brushes it off like I don’t trust here or something. She also gets sendt dickpicks grime strangers and she tells me that it is funny to here. She even sends them to me some times.. she tells me that she does not want them to be sendt to here or people being nasty to here. But I feel like she is not doing anything to prevent it happening.

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