Am I enough ?

I’ve been with my man for 3 years at first our sex life was awesome, I still crave it like I did at the beginning but he has backed of heaps. We don’t have it as much and now they are very much wham bam thank you mam. He watches a lot of porn downloading it all the time. He will watch it while we are having sex, which I don’t mind about watching porn together before sex is great, just when he has his phone in between us while I’m on top so he can’t see me upsets me. He also like to watch she males again i don’t mind, I even encouraged him to get an escort one  night for us. I’ve tried to pretend I’m a she male for him with butt play or using his cock as if it was mine. He is into wearing sexy knickers, he has a bag of ex girlfriends knickers, again I don’t mind I let him wear them but asked him to throw away the x’s ones. I caught him today with a new pair which he smelt and wore. He doesn’t know I saw him. And another thing he like to go on dating sites to chat up girls, he has given his name and number. I took his phone and found out about these chats I asked him, and he said he would never meet them it just gives him ideas for when we have sex. I just don’t know if he is in to me or not. Do I give myself to freely to him. I am always bending over backwards to please him any way I can.
thank you for this platform to ask a question and have someone hear me out

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