Am I being reasonable?

I’m in recovery from an eating disorder, the past few weeks have been really difficult, meaning I haven’t been spending much time with my boyfriend. Today was our 2 year anniversary and I walked into the school to see his arm around another girl, I thought nothing of it but still asked him what they were doing, he then proceeds to tell me one of my close friends messaged him over the weekend confessing they have a crush on him. I had met with him already on the weekend but he chose not to tell me then. I asked what he was saying to her when he had his arm around her, he said he was telling her it ‘took balls’ to send that message. He has always been afraid of making people upset and is very polite, as upset I am with my close friend for messaging my boyfriend during this hard time, I still understand she is human and has feelings too. I was really upset by this, the timing was horrible and I was already having to cope with a lot. My boyfriend thinks im blowing it out of proportion but I feel betrayed he didn’t tell me and upset with his response to her admission, am I being reasonable? do I have reason to feel so heartbroken by this? was it appropriate for my friend to message him when she’s aware I am in recovery?

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