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My girlfriend and I have been going out for a year and we a re in a long distance relationship. We’ve had a fight and cried due to stress in the relationship. I have been crushed as i found out she had been sending kisses to another Guy but apparently it was as a friend and they guy started it. I looked at the messages and even when he stopped sending them she continued. I looked at her messages just recenetly now and the guy messaged her about introducing himself to someone so i dont know what to make of it help please šŸ™

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  1. guyscrytoo says:

    I understand your predicament. If you don’t trust her you shouldn’t be together. It may be nothing confront her or leave it alone.

  2. Violet says:

    How long must you be apart? Is the distance temporary?
    Fixing the distance could fix a lot. Otherwise, if it’s a relationship worth keeping over distance, have a conversation about expectations that you have of each other. If you or she cannot adhere to each other’s needs, then agree to part ways. At least if you lay it all out, you can choose to be confident in your relationship. If distrust still lingers, it is best to part. Distance is difficult enough without that. Love is not so rare in this world. Both of you can find it elsewhere. It can be crushing if she’s actively looking for it while you aren’t there

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