Long story short, met this girl in Feb at university. Became comfortable with one another and hung out one on one alot. Since lockdown we’ve been talking every day on messenger and calling/video calling every so often while also snap chatting slot. Back in March I asked her out for after lockdown finished to which she replied only if it was McDonalds. I thought it was odd. But since then we’ve been talking slot each day with her initiating with good morning texts. Recently shes let me know shes going to be going back home next week due to personal stuff unexpectedly. Though I’m glad shes told me I feel like I’ve been played because it’s made me think back to when I asked her out with her saying Maccies like did this mean she saw me as a friend only? I mean since then we have definitely been flirting one on one like I’m 100% certain she knew I liked her.

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