A girl says she loves me but is confused to leave her boyfriend

Me and the girl were very good friends as we were in same class, and therefore we started texting each other alot,

We communicated over WhatsApp even during late nights and shared almost trivial details with each other too. And after 2-3 months of chat and occasionally outing with other friends too. She confessed that she likes me and later I also acknowledged that I like her too.

But the major problem is that she has a boyfriend, but still we kind of continued and went with the flow, now we are close to each other (physically too), but she is reluctant to leave her boyfriend.

Her reasons to not leave her boyfriend

1. He has done alot for her in terms of gifts, surprises and other things

2. He’s too attached to her

3. She can’t see him sad, though she has admitted that she doesn’t have feelings for him

And because of that she can’t leave him and somehow she still wants her old relationship to work.

Now as we have confessed love for each other and yet it feels like we won’t end up together.

And this makes both of us sad, and most of the times I feel I am more sad than she is.

I am really confused alot,

We have tried to stop all this,

But none of us couldn’t control as we live in same college campus and same friends group and want to stay friends despite what happens at the end.

What to do and how should I proceed?

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