Ok so last week I was on holiday with my girlfriend and our soon to be two year old son on the first day I found messages between her and a guy she works with that were quite flirty but I thought nothing of it.

She knew I saw them and got extremely defensive saying she hasn’t cheated on me she was also drunk.

Eventually after 4 days of lies she finally admitted that a questionable night 3 weeks before where she didn’t come she was with him and they slept together.

She says she regrets it and has felt really bad she is basically begging me to stay with her it does seem genuine but hard for me to believe anything right now.

she has been trying to make it up to me and done everything a guy dreams of and even tho it’s not reality I am seeing the side of her I really love

i want to do good for my son but I know my advice to him would be to leave her.