a change in behaviour of my bf towards me

So I am 15 years old and this is my first realationship ever with this guy in my grade (10th) . But it’s different because we have liked each other since 3 years and despite him dating other girls he still had feelings for me hence his past breakups . But I never dated anyone because I thought realationships are a waste of time . Now I’m changed and we have been datin exactly a month . Keep in mind he’s sort of an addict to drugs ( weed and hash) and now he’s started to pop pills . He blacks out sometimes and I have no idea what’s going on . He says he will stop . The things is now he isn’t messaging me or making an effort in any convo I try to start . He doesn’t call me baby anymore or says any of the cute stuff he used to . Is this normal for the affection to mellow down ? Or what please helpp

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