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Month: October 2019

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Cat litter problem

I’m pregnant and my husband won’t clean litter boxes.

Looking for opinions!

Not enough sexual intimacy in a long-distance relationship.

Leaving out of nowhere

Fiance saying she doesn’t love anyone and broke up with me

morel dilemma with Ex

o I was seeing this woman for a little over a month and it was a pretty intense relationship but it came to a halt recently because she said she needed space & that I was too needy.   Truth be told this is probably fair.   We are still friends but something came up…
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Cliché story of meeting someone else…

In a 10 year relationship. Been depressed for a while. Falling for someone else. Even more depressed about it. Not sure what to do.

Family problem

I am in love with a boy and he loves me too. He has a bad past . He used to take drugs and had many bad relations with girls . But know he has changed. My family knows his past and telling me to not to be in relationship with him . I am an indian and people here have old minds . They believe that girl should not get close to any boy or have a relation . This is affecting their status as my family has a reputation of being sincere and of having no love affairs. My family is telling me that i am choosing him above all of them and i dont think its true . I told my family that i dont talk to him anymore but i do talk to him through my besties mobile . And now my family is doubting again and are trying to say that i should not talk to my bestie. I know my family cares for me alot .but they dont know that he is not the same. They are judging him by his past .

Bad Sex Life

No physical intimacy

Coworker issues

This coworker of mine said he was interested in me but never asked me out. May be I pushed him a little and he tried and said he was not ready as he just got out a relationship. We are now friends but he throws me subtle hints and when I question him he is…
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My wife might be cheating

Wife got drunk and stayed overnight at a hotel – I find out through some random guy.

Wife issues

My wife is climbing into morbid obesity amd becoming unattractive. I told her i dont like like it, but she wont do anything about it. What do i do?