stranger love? i need help

Hey, guys I need some help. It would be much appreciated if you give me any advice on this topic. So, here’s the situation. I usually rollerskate around my neighbourhood and I always seem to pass by this guy and his two friends. Like all the time. Anyways, today me and a couple friends went to a local coffee shop. I entered with my rollarblades and passed by his group. As I passed by, I heard a “i cant go up to her” in a whispered tone but i gave no thought. As I was waiting to pick up my coffee. He went up to the counter and took a napkin and as he was doing that we both locked eyes for 3 seconds and he left. My heart was hammering in my chest because I kind of had a tiny crush on him from a distance. The weird thing was he didnt even need the napkin because he wasn’t drinking or eating anything. The thing is, I know who he is (his name) because a certain girl in our grade would always talk about him (she has a crush on him and he goes to our school. He’s a year older than me). He just doesnt know who I am.