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Month: June 2019

Anonymous Relationship Advice

In love with (best) friend

I have been in love with a really close friend for years and know for a fact that they don’t like me that way (because they’re straight). I still kind of want to tell them but i’m afraid it will ruin things between us. What should I do?

Am I violent or am I being manipulated?

we were together for a year and we wanted to be together big time. We were talking about money and Shenzhen probably didnt like it, the. She said “I am not so lucky that have a mother die and get an apartment as heritage” . This touched me deep inside and I yelled and insulted…
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Why is he ignoring me which he never did before?

I love him and he used to love me for sure. Now I am confused if he doesn’t like me anymore or if he is just nervous. I want to know the reason behind his acting like that.

Partners ex’s

So I’ve been with my girlfriend 4 years,  I’ve always had a but of a problem with jealousy,  but in my opinion only where its justified.  My girlfriend is still close/in contact with multiple ex partners. I know she would never cheat, but she is always liking and commenting on their social media pages and…
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a confused guy

how to put it, a girl whos been my bestfriend for 2 years, 9 months in a relationship, the last 2 months have been hell, pointless fights that are one sided and I have to sit on my feelings till she feels like she can talk about it, anyway, recently she cheated, blacked out, woke…
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Innocent photo?

My wife found a photo that I took at a wedding that we both attended. I was at the center of the photo and on either side were 2 ladies that pretended to kiss my cheek. These two ladies are work colleagues who she knows and knowns there’s nothing going on between us. She found…
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Ex gf. Back

Me and my Gf were together from past 5 yrs. Due to a misunderstanding that i am trying to get rid of her coz of family issues another guy earned respect and made her ready to dump me. She told me on 23 jan and she was very guilty saying she still owes loyalty to…
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Should I tell my girlfriend about my sexual problem

I should tell my girlfriend about my sexual problem

Does it mean anything when your crushe’s friend start being more nicer to you?

I’ve like this guy for the longest time and the last time i saw him he told me he had a girlfriend and him and his friends were so rude towards me. he disappeared for like a month and recently started showing up again and i feel like he’s showing interested but i’m not sure,…
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Is it morally wrong for me to date?

Is it wrong to date someone with psychological issues if you don’t think it’l last