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Month: May 2019

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Exchange student in my class driving me crazy.

She came to our school at the start of semester two (February) and I immediately had a crush on her. I kept telling myself that one day I was gonna start talking to her and eventually get her number and maybe go on a few dates, but I never really worked up the courage to…
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I’m engaged and scared. also my attraction to my fiance’s brother worries me

I’m sad, ugly and fat. My fiance is stuck with me but I can’t help feeling attracted to other people, even though I know nobody will ever be attracted to me again.

Should I leave him?

relationship has turned toxic but I cannot let go

Friends with benefits turns sticky

How do I break up with someone I never even dated to begin with?

I’m confused


Need Help

I would say around 5 weeks ago an old friend hit me up telling me that I was cute and that I should be interested in someone who is interested in me. She’s made it very clear that she likes me and that I’m cute (tells me everyday). We’ve hung out around 4 times and…
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My guy gets aroused looking at other women

What can I do to feel more secure about myself when my guy has wandering eyes?

First date never met him and I need help

Older guy asking me to hang and I’m kinda nervous

Hey just having some relationship problems

Basically my bf is ignoring me and idk what tf to do. Thanks even if you bother to waste ur time with this. You are dope.

Am I a bad person?

Girlfriend says I don’t love her daughter and now I’m double guessing everything just to make sure it doesn’t seem that way even though I truly love her like she’s my own.