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Month: April 2019

Anonymous Relationship Advice

A past flame comes back

Old flame has come back into my life – what do I do?

Sexting dilemma

I’m texting the guy I’m going out with, we have plans to go out within the next few days, our conversation starts to heat up and he says he wants to spank me, i told him he has to earn it, he’s on board, wants to know what he has to do… I totally blank,…
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emotional attachment disorder

In reciprocated, real love with multiple people


What’s wrong with me?

how to kiss

i don’t wanna know how to kiss(some advise wouldn’t hurt me tho) . but how do i make the conversation between me and this girl lead to a kiss.?? i don’t feel like randomly turning my head to kiss her . we know we like each other and that we want to kiss.(we are girls)

Love interest is becoming my boss

so I started a new job a few months ago and I noticed one of the people there flirted with me quite a lot. few weeks go by and we are now chatting and just harmless flirting. couple weeks after that and we are talking almost every day with heavy flirting talking about sex etc.…
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I have been seeing this guy for a few months and I really like him and we went on three dates and they went really well. On one of our dates he said he was going to move for 4 months to work in the snow so I thought this kind of sucks I’ve really…
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Should I tell a friend about my relationship with his late wife?

I flirted with a friend’s wife before she died. He found her secret email account and emailed my secret account looking for closure and asking for details of our relationship. I don’t think he knows it’s me on the other end. What should I do?

What’s up guys

Asking girl out.

Wife not interested in sex

I am having a problem my wife is not interested in sew, i don’t remember that she came to me asking for it, it’ Just me going to her, and she always try to avoid it, and when we have the chance to do it she seem really not enjoying it, i do all sort…
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