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Month: December 2018

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Mixed Feelings

My girl isn’t feeling the same spark as she did in the beginning of the relationship

4 years or new girl?

Need help I have been with a girl for 4 years and things were going great but slowly things have gone sour between us and I never planned on looking for somebody else but met somebody and have fallen in love. There are kids involved so makes the situation harder but I don’t know what…
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Is my boyfriend gay?

Found my boyfriend sending nudes to another man.

Is my husband gay?

Marriage with ‘likely’ gay

Is my husband gay?

Marriage with ‘likely’ gay

Getting over his ex

boyfriend might not be over ex

Is getting blackmailed into mot doing things normal?

Girlfriend threatens not seeing me for a month unless I stop doing things she doesn’t like. I’m going through some horrible moments emotionally so refusing to comply would kill me inside.

Conflicted but still in love

The past two months my girlfriend of 11 months has change and gets worked up very easily and gives me attitude a lot and sometime for no reason. It tears apart to be talking like this because I know we both still love each other so much.


My name is Michael i volunteer at a zoo i saw a girl there i  like a lot we’ve spoken a few times i have a huge crush on her i  wanted to ask her out but have recently found out that she is 17 yrs old and i’m 29 i am not a creep…
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Hurt by my boyfriends actions

I have been dating my boyfriend for about 1 year, before that we had been together for 6 years, broken up for about 9 months in between, when he decided I was too busy to give him what he needed and found someone else on a dating website. I feel like he cheated because he…
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