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Month: October 2018

Anonymous Relationship Advice

The hell do I do?

To start this off I’m gay and I’m dating a guy about 9 years older than me, he wants to go on out third date this afternoon but basically since I still live with my mom she’ll kill me if I do. What the hell do I even do? Break up? Sneak out? I’m so…
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Friend zone and how can I get out

Started talking to girl again and she wants to be friends but I wanna be more than that.

i cant deal with life anymore

my life isnt bad I just constantly feel frustrated and overwhelmed and wow i overthink everything and i am so desperate and i just cant deal with life itself anymore.

Have not been on a date in years

I am 31 and alone. I learned the other day most of my co-workers assumed I was married. I have a very prestigious job, I own my own home, am very fit, attractive and am by no means averse to meeting new people. Yet I have not been on a single date in about 3…
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my boyfriend of 3 years and I are straight but I sometimes in my past have done things with girls at parties. The idea of a hypothetical threesome came up and i said it would be fun but only if he just watches. he said that’s selfish and asked if he could slap the other…
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Telling your crush

Technically, we were in relationship during high school days  but for few days. Then we haven’t talked for say 3 years . So how can i say her or start the talk. And i fear if she is in relationship.

a change in behaviour of my bf towards me

So I am 15 years old and this is my first realationship ever with this guy in my grade (10th) . But it’s different because we have liked each other since 3 years and despite him dating other girls he still had feelings for me hence his past breakups . But I never dated anyone…
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My problems

So I’ve liked this guy for a while now but never had the guts to say anything. Then, he asks out my best friend and she says yes. I still think that I like him but I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him how I feel? Or do I just suck it…
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Not sure how to proceed.

Wife seemingly bad mouths me, I caught her this time, let her know I caught her, but because she’s busy at work, she seemingly has blown it off. What should I do?

Trying to figure out what this (look) means

A look, a gaze and a hostile stare?