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Month: September 2018

Anonymous Relationship Advice

My boyfriend has a nude photo of his female friend

Overall, my boyfriend and I have a fun relationship. He’s a very thoughtful individual, and we get along in most ways. For over two years I’ve been completely trusting of my boyfriend’s friendships, male and female. This includes a particular female friend that is a stripper (not that her occupation is relevant necessarily). I recently…
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Should I Give Up Or Try To Make It Work?

In summary, my girlfriend and I ran into issues during the summer that prevented us from spending much time together. She still holds this against me, thinks I haven’t put in enough effort and tells me this is the main reason she isn’t enjoying our relationship and no longer sees me as marriage material. What should I do?

Me and my girl just recently got back together. We had been dating for about 2 years beforehand.

Everytime I’m around her i don’t want to leave but when I do I have thoughts about ending our relationship again. Why is this happening and what should I do?


So I’ve been texting with this guy nearly for year and half, we live 700 miles apart.. we have sooo many things in common from interests to aspirations and he’s just super nice and really cares about others (i’m so in love i know but it’s true i swear) ..but that’s where our similarities end…
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