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Month: April 2018

Anonymous Relationship Advice

No previous relationship, am I ready for marriage?

Should I try to start casually dating, or should I focus on finding “the one”?


I was in relationship with a man. After a year I got to know he is married and a daughter. I told his wife, she suggested when these things happen with a consent. Now I am a green not sad… Thinking to reveal his Identity and character to his office Hr. But I am confused.…
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Is it a good idea to get back with an ex?

If you date someone for two weeks, break up, and they ask you out again, should you say yes?

to message or not to message

My bf comes from a traditional Catholic family and I come from a semi traditional Asian family. We both are mid-20s, born and raised here in America. Our families do not know we are dating each other; although I am open to introducing him and feel as though my parents would accept our relationship, he…
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At a Loss

I fell in love with my buddy’s girlfriend and she with me. She wants to go poly, my buddy knows but is hesitant. He won’t provide clear direction on what he wants me to do and her advances are becoming more and more difficult to refuse. I have no idea what I’m doing.

What the fuck am I supposed to do??

Friends with benefits a good idea?