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Month: March 2018

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Should I get back with an ex?

After continuous arguing for a few months I decided to end the relationship. We resumed communication a few weeks later when she said she was over me and was already moving on. I was okay with keeping communication and being civil with each other. In this period she told me about a guy she met…
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Two girls one guy

I’m married with two children. 3 months ago we mutually split and during that time I started chatting to a girl on Facebook, there was an instant connection and we talked everyday for 2 weeks. Now my wife says that she wants me back and I don’t know which one to choose


My girlfriend and I have been going out for a year and we a re in a long distance relationship. We’ve had a fight and cried due to stress in the relationship. I have been crushed as i found out she had been sending kisses to another Guy but apparently it was as a friend…
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