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Month: January 2017

Anonymous Relationship Advice

Sex and Anxiety

I am seeing a guy, we’re both 22, and last weekend we went out with some friends, drank quite a bit, went home together, and had sex for the first time. That night, he had a hard time staying hard, which we both attributed to him having drank a lot, early the next morning we…
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She needs some space

So, I began dating this girl around may of 2016. We’ve been hanging out ever since and connected very well. We’re at the point to where we hold hands and kiss in public no matter where we are and have sex pretty often, almost as if we were a couple already. Weve even gived each…
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Difficult Relationship Situation

I have a confusing relationship situation. I have been dating a girl for several months and care about her deeply. But I don’t think I’m happy. We’re in the same section in our school band, and after I beat her in chair auditions she became very depressed (she thinks that she has no future) although…
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Girlfriend wants me to be friends with her ex

My gf is friends with a work colleague she had a ONS with, she wants me to be friends with him as well, I dont want to – what should I do? We have been together about 2 years – they had their ONS about 3 years ago. He is a self confessed “player”. Although…
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I need to tell this guy that I have a boyfriend (Please read description!)

I’m a 15, almost 16 y.o. girl, and I had crushes on like 3 people in October, and I gained some confidence, so I told one of them that I liked him in Novemberish, I see him @ school everyday in a lot of my classes and he’s also at my bus stop. He told…
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My Best Friend & My Crush Hooked Up

They were both drunk, and in his defence, he didn’t know how I felt about him. However, it still really hurts… They’ve both apologised but I just don’t know what to do…

Long time friend/friendzone

Should I cut all contact forever? Cut temporarily? Maintain limited contact, hitting on her until she cuts contact?