(18+) On the subject of fetishes

so here it goes, i’ve never told anyone about this and i feel like i need a bit of advice, it seems like this is the only way i can be 100% honest about this. i have a very high tendency to develop fetishes, ever since i was 14 years old there was this english teacher that i thought was extremely hot, i’d often come back home and masturbate while thinking of her.

before i knew it, i had a fetish for teachers, but then i started noticing high heels and found them hot, my high heels fetish turned into flats fetish and then into feet, now i have a full blown feet fetish and licking and kissing my girlfriend’s feet and soles all the time is all i can think of. but the more i grow up, the more fetishes i develop. i’ve started having this fetish of being dominated, of being treated horribly in bed, of being stepped on and i’ve just watched a porn of women spitting in men’s mouths and i’ve even found that hot. I once got turned on by the idea of shemales even. i even get turned on by incest porn, and sister porn even though i don’t even have a sister.

my question is how do i stop this from happening all the time? it seems like i keep getting dragged into more and more fetishes and i can’t help it, these are things i can’t tell my girlfriend about, she knows i like feet and she knows i like being dominated but she doesn’t know the full extent of it, i just want to be able to masturbate about normal things, so how do i do that? should i quit masturbation even? i dont watch porn that much but when i do it’s not normal porn, 99% of the time it’s something specific.

PS: i’m young and in my 20s.

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