17 years and 2 kids

Hi I’m 33 man married with wife 33 been together since we were 16. 1st and only partners either of us have had.

Got 2 great boys 8 and 4. Own house car and was hoping for happily ever after like everyone.  I would say for the last 4 years it’s gradually got worse our relation ship. The intamcy and sex life was the start.

She doesn’t cuddle me wver, kiss me and even like holding hands which hurts me as I’m quite affectionate. We have discussed this but we don’t get anywhere. She has said in the past she is bored and sees me as family rather than lover. She’s had issues with mental health and drink but think it’s because deep down she isn’t happy .also she started a job last year temp work in a restaurant and ended up falling for a chef as I found the texts saying they fancy each other. Any way she quit the job but to be honest since then it’s not working. I’m the only one that works and I feel like iv had enough. I’m gutted as I LOVE my lads more than life but she has nothing good to say tbh and now iv said I’m moving out in march she’s saying we haven’t tried and  is blaming me. I need a relationship with intamicy and a sex life? Please tell me I’m doing the right thing? Btw I find her massively attractive so that’s not an issue but she doesn’t love herself. Thanks guys.

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